Friday, March 6, 2009

Stellar New GameZombie Videos Making Quite a Splash!

Hello again GameZombies!

The Internet is quickly being overrun with stellar GameZombie content, and we're glad you're a part of it! From award-winning videos to features on some of the web's biggest sites, GZ can't be stopped. Check it out:

If You Thought 3 was Company…

GameZombie now has over 230 original videos on the web, with two new episodes being released every week. Starting in a $1 million dollar HDTV studio, in which we shoot our original series, 'ButtonMashers,' into the computers of one of the most talented post production teams on the web, and finally onto your screen, GZ releases polished and professional content about the gaming industry.

ButtonMashers Episode 5

World-Exclusive Interview Series

The gaming industry moves fast, and GameZombie stays ahead of the curve with our world-exclusive interview series. We've talked to the biggest names out there: Cliff Bleszinski of Gears of War fame, Prince of Persia's Ben Mattes, rising star of the industry, and Todd Howard of the award-winning Fallout 3, among other gaming luminaries.

Jessica Frasher and David Klein are our two charismatic personalities who traverse the country to find the hottest interviews around. Check out this star-studded gaming interview playlist!

GZ On The Scene – featuring world exclusives w/ SFIV, Prototype, Onechanbara, and many more!! 

We're also incredibly stoked to announce two new mini-series: 'Ultimate Challenge' and 'Skyping with the Stars.' Cue the details!

Ultimate Challenge

After Jake, Rob, and Brett buy a mysterious, but apparently broken, video game titled 'Ultimate Challenge,' they soon come to realize that the 8-bit world of the game is slowly merging with the world we all know. The show spans through 6 episodes in which the boys adventure through multiple game genres in order to defeat the evil Arcadius and complete the 'Ultimate Challenge.'

Skyping with the Stars

Who would ever think that Ray Romano would be video chatting with the Covenant from Halo over Skype? Well, they are, along with other well-known celebrities and essential gaming characters, and GameZombie captures every moment of it. Things get lost in translation…hilarity ensues.

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to from GameZombie in the near future. Our all-star lineup of original content is sure to make more than a splash on the net; it's going to cannonball into your nephew's pool and wreck his birthday party.

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Ryan Padgham
Business Team Lead