Sunday, December 7, 2003

Down & Out in N.Y.C.

Completed my...'Fury & Redemption' cross-reference of notes at Columbia's Butler Library; I'm starving, mild after-drinking sadness-glaze, with one fiery tough question profoundly conflicting me down to the quarks of my molecules:

*December at Jazz On The Park, working the coffeebar three nights/wk., living in Gulag with fartman the Pollack...


*Ask: Lena, Jennifer, Becca, Courtney or Andy D to let me crash on their couch for four weeks?

See, I know I can make it work, here at Jazz, but I fear distraction/entrapment/a slowing, or a boringness...
--I fear drudgery and anything that conflicts with my ability to finish 'Fury & Redemption,' ASAP.